A cure for hair loss? How close are we?

Hair physiology is a complicated issue

The hair cycle process and the different growth factors and signalling mechanisms involved in hair growth and loss are found to be far more complicated than originally thought.While there has been a lot of research in the field of hair loss, we are still far from close to finding a cure. To cure baldness, you will need to target the genetics of the individual. So genetic therapy would have a role, as well as stem cell therapy.

Moreover, another interesting area of research is that regarding hair cloning. If we can successfully clone hair, then we wont have the limitations of supply from the donor area in the back and sides of the scalp, when surgery is considered. That way, you can densely transplant a fully bald scalp without having to worry about where to take the hair from.These will all be promising aspects, but we are not close.

Medical therapy such as Finasteride is actually very effective in slowing hair loss. However, it requires daily compliance, which can be difficult. It also has it’s occasional side effects- just liken any medication.

The bitter truth is that research into hair loss is not as well funded as research into more serious conditions, and this will further slow down how much we will get to know.