Hair Transplant Training Program

Our training program is a one or two weeks hands-on training course. The trainee will perform surgery along with our doctor to get a real feel for the techniques needed. The program is a customized and privately held- one on one – course that is set according to dates that suit both the trainee and the staff at Vertex Clinic. It is offered only for medical doctors. Trainee doctors can be accompanied by one technician or clinic manager In order to get a feel for the various duties involved.

The program will involve the following (some according to availability):

  • Consultation process, hair and scalp evaluation.
  • The hairline design.
  • Local anesthesia using our technique.
  • Mega session and dense packing.
  • FUT technique (the strip technique) with Trichophytic wound closure.
  • FUE technique.
  • Eyebrow hair transplantation.
  • Beard/Body Hair transplantation.
  • Repair case.
  • Female hair transplantation.
  • Telephone assistance for one year and help with photo-consultations via email.
  • You will learn about setting up a new clinic and how to start.

The training will take place at our clinic in Amman- Jordan. It can be customized to run for one week (5 working days) or two weeks(10 working days).