Low Level Light (Laser) Therapy (LLLT)

This home based treatment allows the user to deliver targeted light to stimulate hair growth. By projecting laser light energy (of a low energy frequency) directly onto the scalp, the Laser helps to strengthen the cells within hair follicles, thus promoting growth.
LLLT is suitable for small areas of hair loss but works also effectively for those wishing to promote growth across wider areas. Regular use can help in strengthening existing hairs and giving the appearance of a thicker head of hair. We recommend users to spend 90 seconds for mild cases of hair loss and upto 15 minutes for more severe losses, three times a week using the hairmax® band.

This treatment has been FDA cleared for several years and multiple studies showed that there is a 60-65% possibility of slowing down or even stopping the process of hair loss with regular use. Around 30% of users studied showed even  evidence of hair regrowth.  It is approved for use in both Males and Females. LLLT is sold under different brands and forms and generally most available devices are FDA cleared and effective, if properly used.