Hair Transplant Surgery

What are the differences between strip FUT and FUE?

Strip FUT Transplantation

  • Fine linear scar (20-25 cm long and 2-3mm wide)
  • Larger amount of hair grafts removed in one session
  • Usually a lower rate of hair transection – the potential damage that can occur to the hair follicles during the hair transplantation.
  • Generally a slightly higher graft survival rate. This is due to the grafts having more supportive tissue when prepared.
  • No need to shave the donor scalp.
  • Less expensive than FUE.

FUE Transplantation

  • Subtle dot scars of 0.5- 1.0 mm each
  • Fewer grafts possible per day. Some larger cases may need to be done on two separate days.
  • Possibly a higher rate of transection than in Strip FUT procedure in some candidates.
  • In most cases, the donor area of the scalp needs to be shaved entirely..
  • More expensive than Strip FUT. This is due to the procedure requiring a longer operating time.

Strip FUT transplantation

At Vertex, we perform single Follicular Unit Transplantation – a technique regarded as the ultimate form of hair transplant surgery. With the use of stereoscopic dissecting microscopes, we remove hair follicles from a ‘donor’ area at the back or sides of the scalp (the permanent area) and relocate them to the bald or thinning areas of the scalp. From there on, the transferred hair follicles will grow and act in the same way as in their native permanent location.

A follicular unit ranges from 1 to 4 hairs, with the average being 2.2 hairs. Keeping these units intact when transferring them to the recipient sites results in a better survival rate for the hairs, and a more natural result.

At the hairline, single individual hairs are positioned to avoid the “pluggy” appearance that was common in some older hair transplant procedures. The follicles will follow the direction and angle of the natural growth of the hair in that area. The end result will look totally natural.

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FUE Transplantation

Most of the information relating to the Strip FUT Transplantation method also applies to FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method of hair transplantation. The major difference between the two tecniques is in the way follicles are extracted from the donor hair.

In FUE, the follicles are individually extracted using 0.8-1.0mm  mechanical punches. Instead of a linear scar, there will be small (0.5mm) dot scars “gun shot” all over the donor area. While these dots are eventually barely noticeable, it is a common mistake to say that FUE is completely scar less, as often advertised.

FUE is more time consuming than Strip FUT, as it relies on distributing the extractions over a large area of the scalp, which significantly limits the number of grafts available to transplant in a session compared to the ‘strip’ method used in Strip FUT.

FUE is ideal for those patients who favour very short hairstyles, or the type of hair where you can see through to the scalp.

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